Neolithic Farming and Modern Inequality

Many people believe that hierarchy in human societies as inevitable because it is a natural part of who we are. This notion, however, contradicts much of the 200,000-year history of Homo sapiens. Our ancestors, in fact, have for the most part been based on the principles of egalitarianism and intolerant of any form of inequality. … Continue reading Neolithic Farming and Modern Inequality


Men’s and Women’s Brain

As hardy perennials go, there is little to beat that science hacks’ favourite: the hard-wiring of male and female brains. For many decades, a stream of tales about gender differences in brain structure under headlines that assure people that from birth men are innately more rational and better at map-reading than women, who are emotional, … Continue reading Men’s and Women’s Brain

The Passion of New Eve

Evelyn reminisces about his childhood celebrity crush, a Hollywood actress named Tristessa who specialises in portraying suffering women. Evelyn jumps between his childhood memories and the day when he saw Wuthering Heights with a girl whose name he does not remember. The film features Tristessa as Catherine Earnshaw. At the cinema, the audience heckle the … Continue reading The Passion of New Eve

Lucid Dreaming

One of our most mysterious and intriguing states of consciousness is the dream. We lose consciousness when we enter the deep waters of sleep, only to regain it as we emerge into a series of uncanny private realities. These air pockets of inner experience have been difficult for researchers to study scientifically and as a … Continue reading Lucid Dreaming